About us
About our farm

EFC Farms acquired the assets of the former Eat Fork Creek Gardens in October 2021 and have continued operating on Hendry Creek Drive in Fort Myers. The farm is managed by Liz Jager and her husband, Mick Jager.

We are excited to build from and improve upon the foundation initiated by the previous owners. We will continue to innovate and master the aquaponic growing systems with all-natural processes. We will enhance the product offering of our current artisan lettuce produce with other fruits and vegetables in our aquaponic system.

Our mission at EFC Farms is simple. We want to provide the freshest, locally grown produce in southwest Florida using all-natural organic growing techniques.

We never use chemical pesticides or herbicides – ever.

Our goal is to set the standard for what fresh food is and show our customers how produce is better when grown locally. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on no waste. Whatever produce we harvest that is not sold is donated to local food charities and everything we harvest that is not sellable, we donate to local turtle sanctuaries. Everything else is composted and re-used elsewhere on our farm.

The entire EFC Farms Team believes that taking pride in our work and what we produce makes for better products and a better environment.

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