About us
About our farm

It all started with an idea of the ability to provide people with fresh and healthy food. Before we knew it, we were digging in the ground, laying pipes, pulling wires and setting up shade houses.

We’ve come a long way.

Our mission at East Fork Creek is simple. We want to provide the freshest, locally grown produce in southwest Florida. Even though we are not a certified organic farm, we grow all our produce according to the guidelines and principles of organic growing – even our fish eat organic!

We never use chemical pesticides or herbicides – ever.

Our goal is to set the standard for what fresh food is and show our customers how produce is better when grown locally.

The entire East Fork Creek Team believes that by taking pride in our work and what we produce this makes for better product and a better environment. Our entire team lives locally which makes for easier commutes and less pollution.

We are...
Jana Telecka - Garden Master

Jana was born and raised in the Czech Republic and came to the United States in 2001. As a child growing up on her family’s farm, she loved the beauty of flowers, plants and nature. As Garden master, Jana waves the scepter on the farm and in charge of all the business operations.

Frans Kox - Greens Wrangler

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Frans is great at speaking Dutch, and he loves to talk with our international colleagues and suppliers. His father and grandfathers were accomplished gardeners who maintained the historic gardens in their town at the Dutch/Belgian border. During high school Frans did take care of his grandma’s garden and orchard; mowing, composting and shoveling.

He graduated in education and computer sciences from the University of Eindhoven, His career in entertainment, event & hospitality development/management lead him to 16 countries and 46 of these United States. However it finally was his lifelong hobby as a bartender that got him in touch with the true art of floral design as this is how he met his WAY BETTER HALF in life; Jana.

Today Frans is involved in marketing, development and logistics.You see him around our farm and around the world letting everyone who will listen know how amazing our team at really is. Just be aware, he likes to talk and he still speaks funny!

Jurgen "Nick" de Clercq - Greens Marketeer

Jurgen is our Dutch Greens Marketeer.
He has created our new website, the look of our new business cards and brochures.
He is responsible for the Marketing and Sales of East Fork Creek Gardens. He integrates marketing, design and technology to achieve business goals. With 14+ years of experience in Europe and 4+ years in the United States, he fills in the talent gaps where needed and becomes the strategy and execution engine to help us grow, compete, and succeed.

Jason Walaskay - Pfish Commander

Business Manager Jason has many years of financial management experience in a number of varying industries. In addition to helping in business matters Jason's passion for aquaponic farming made him the Phish commander on our farm. Responsible for the daily operations and health of our fish and crops.

Paul Santacroche - Maestro McGyver

Paul (or Pauly) is a true, proud Italian-Long Islander who after school and some early work experience in the trades made the move to warm southwest Florida. Paul is married to Ari, has two wonderful daughters, two Jet Black Labs and together with most of his extended family, who followed him south, calls Cape Coral home.
Next to Pauly’s extended experience in the hospitality industry and his eye for detail; his skills in carpentry and construction make him a very important building block of our team and daily operation. You might meet Pauly in person at our farm and you will see a lot of Pauly’s work on our farm.

Matthias "Doc" Tari - Fruitologist

Doc takes care of our bees, fruit trees and our vegetable test garden.