Doc Tari's Fruit Tree Honey at East Fork Creek

Our first official batch of honey is now available

There are many beehives at East Fork Creek Gardens. Our bees are kept in healthy condition by providing them with natural nutrients that come from all kinds of exotic fruit producing tropical trees on our property. From Sucre & Manzana bananas, Star fruit, Suriname Black Cherries, Papayas, Sugar cane, Tamarind, Jack Fruit and everything in between to exotic fruits like Egg fruit, Black Sapote and others.

Our Fruit Tree Honey is a blend of all these exotic fruits combined with the palm trees and mangroves that border our property. We extract the honey from the honeycomb and screen it. Our honey is never filtered or mixed with other honey. Due to the variety of plants that produce honey, and their time of blooming, our honey will vary in color.

Customers have claimed that the darker the honey, the more it helps with the local allergy problems and diseases (Cold, Flu etc) that arise in SWFL during the winter.

We offer the honey in several sizes: 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and 1lb and as always, we deliver to restaurants and retail stores.