Our founders
Frans & Jana, Owners of East Fork Creek Farm

It all started with an idea of the ability to provide people with fresh and healthy food.
Suddenly, things fell into place and before you knew it, we were digging in the ground, laying pipes, pulling wires and setting up shade houses. We’ve come a long way.

Our mission

Our mission at East Fork Creek Gardens is simple: We want to provide the freshest, locally grown produce in South West Florida. Even though we do not strive to become an organic farm, we grow our products according to their guidelines. Our goal is to set the standard of what fresh food is. We never use chemical pesticides or herbicides in our food growing processes and are committed to providing the safest produce to our customers.

The people behind our farm

At East Fork Creek Gardens, we take great pride in what we. That pride stems from the belief that the qualified people who run our operation put their pride into their work. All of our employees live in our immediate communities. This limits travel time and pollution.