Redesigning our packaging material

In the past year, we’ve got some very useful feedback from our customers which we took to heart and used in the growth of our lettuce farm.

One of the most important things we heard was that it was hard to track the sales of our Mixed lettuce clam shells. We went ahead and made it easier for the retail sector! We updated the branding with a hint of color, removed some wording, made the sticker easier to read and we added something that will make life easier for everyone in the retail sector: a bar code.

If your retail outlet works according to the GS1 standard (which is the global standard for POS systems), you can already find our Mixed Variety clam shell in your system.
This will make it easier for you to track sales and use it for your own data. Unfortunately, we cannot add a PLU number to our packaging as there is no international PLU number available (yet)  for Aquaponic growing of any product. Once this PLU number is available, we will also place it on our packaging materials.