Summer is here!

Summer is here!

Many tourists have gone back to their yearly residence. You know what that means!
Its going to be HOT and humid. This opens up opportunities for us… This is the ideal time for us to expand the production of lettuce at our farm. The aim is to be able to grown 20.000 heads of lettuce by the end of the summer. With the small team that we have, we realize that its not easy to build in this heat but we know the effort will certainly be worth it.

This is also the time to experiment with new types of heat resistant lettuce and substitutes for Romaine lettuce. If you take a look at our lettuce page, you will see which types of lettuce we are growing. In there, you will also see the two types of lettuce we are currently experimenting with to become the substitute for Romain Lettuce. Our substitute makes sure that you are safe from the dreaded Romaine scare and your customers can still enjoy a healthy meal!

At East Fork Creek HQ, we’ve started writing content for the website and making plans to produce specific content for our social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Information about our lettuce, honey and other produce will gradually be added to our site.